ThinkGeek Laboratory Shot Glasses.

"Are your favorite chemical experiments those that involve C2H6O, a bit of C6H12O6, and H2O infused with CO2? Then you'll need a set of Laboratory Shot Glasses, complete with mixing pipettes. They're the perfect gift for the geeky mixologist.

This set includes four shot glasses: two beakers, one Erlenmeyer flask, and a Florence flask. Each has measuring lines and holds just over one ounce of liquid (more if you trust yourself not to spill!).

Product Specifications

  • Shot glasses for fans of chemistry
  • Includes four shot glasses and four mini pipette styled stirrers
  • 2 beakers, 1 Erlenmeyer flask, 1 Florence flask
  • Capacity: 1 ounce each
  • Materials: Glass
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • These are made for drinking glasses. Measurements may not be accurate." -- Think Geek