About Know Brainer.

Hi. I'm Christina Ochoa, and I like to think of life as an opportunity for a wonderful journey of exploration. With our mind as a lens, we experience, grow, change...we evolve as human beings both spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. To me, there's nothing better! I don't ever want to find myself stuck in a state of stasis, and so I will actively pursue new challenges. Sometimes I succeed, others...well, I learn from failure. Of particular interest are intellectual pursuits that have somehow sparked my curiosity, and I'd love to be able to share them with all of you.

Know Brainer is a hub for all the inquisitive minds out there like mine, that invite challenges, new perspectives, and the unknown into their day to day. As I learn and discover new information, phenomena, people or places, I will post them here. Hopefully it will catalyze YOUR curiosity and ignite an exploration of your own to share with the world.