VIDEO: Christina Ochoa, Angelo Vermuelen, Mehcad Brooks present: KNOW BRAINER.

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The KNOW BRAINER EXPLORE videos are focused on people, places or phenomena that are perfect for an immersive exploration. In them, we learn by experiencing things first-hand, by interviewing experts, or by trial and error. The EXPLORE videos are an unfiltered way of gaining a better appreciation for any given topic.



The KNOW BRAINER BLOG, is our "research" section. In it, data, videos, and scientific papers from around the web are gathered and curated. This is supplemental knowledge, a daily dose of curiosities, in order to ignite the discussions to follow. Links, excerpts, and interesting pieces found along the way towards understanding.



The KNOW BRAINER PODCAST, as well as other appearances on TV (Chaotic Awesome, Nerd Alert..etc) are all geared towards catalyzing intellectually stimulating conversations. The hope being that ultimately, these shall lead us to question our current understandings & status quo, & furthermore, change the world.